4 Space-Optimizing Tips for Your Small Kitchen

What to Ask for When You Hire a Kitchen Remodeler

It can be really hard to cook in a small kitchen, especially if you are trying to prepare several meals at the same time. But there is actually something you can do about that, without changing your house or ordering food. You can hire a kitchen remodeler who can help you do some changes that can make a huge difference. And before you call an expert, read our tips and get some inspiration and ideas for you kitchen remodeling project.

  • Kitchen remodeling projectThe lack of storage space is probably one of the biggest problems that you can have in a small kitchen. So, if you want to make your spices, cooking oils, dishes, mugs and bows easily accessible, without having to climb onto a chair to reach them, you can install lazy susans and pull-out shelves. That way, you can roll out the things you need even when you are not right in front of the cabinet and you will be able to reach the things that are usually in the back of the cabinets.
  • Another great way to make more free space in your kitchen and to stop hitting your head in those high cabinets is to install built-in ones. They will be taller and thinner, but if you want them to be bigger, a kitchen remodeler will be able to cut some space in the wall so you can get more shelves. Other places that you can transform into built-in cabinets are the areas under the sink and the kitchen islands.
  • If you cook a lot and you feel that your countertop space is not enough, you should consider getting pull-out extensions. The extension of the countertop can be installed under the edge of your regular one, and you will be able to pull it out every time you need extra space for meal preparation.
  • – And if you want to get even more countertop space, you can consider changing your big sink for a smaller one. If you use it mostly to wash some veggies or fruit, it’s best to decrease its size and save that countetop space for cooking.

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